Diagnosis Coding and OASIS-C Interactions

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Competency Level: Experienced
Prerequisites: None
Required Resources: Complete Home Health ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual plus, access to the Official CMS Guidance and Resources for OASIS-C Form Completion
Pre-approved for Continuing Education Credits: 2.0 HCS-D CEUs

Diagnosis Coding and OASIS-C Interactions Course Outline (includes 3 lessons and course assessment):
  1. Introduction to OASIS-C
  2. Coding Items and OASIS-C
    1. M1010, M1016
    2. M1020
    3. M1022
    4. M1024
    5. M1012
  3. Revisions that Affect Diagnosis Coding
    1. Surgical Wounds (M1340 and M1342)
    2. Stasis Ulcers (M1130-M1334)
    3. Pressure Ulcers (M1300)
    4. Depression Screening (M1730)
    5. Cardiac and Respiratory Assessment (M1400, M1410, M1500, M1510)
    6. Falls Risk Assessment (M1930)
    7. Synopsis and Interventions (M2240 and M2250)
  4. Course Assessment
Total time to complete course: 2.5 hours

This course provides an overview of the OASIS-C changes that most affect diagnosis coding, from the guidance changes for the coding items to the clues and cross-checks coders should use to double-check documentation. Students will walk away with an understanding of how to correctly code with the OASIS-C, including coding with Appendix D instructions, as well as understand the basics of wound guidance, falls assessment, cardiac, respiratory and depression screening issues.

Course Objectives:
  • A general overview of OASIS-C changes and what the impact is
  • The meaning of changes in the eyes of CMS
  • Explain guidance for M1020, M1022, M1024, the coding items
  • Educate on the procedure item: M1012, a new requirement on OASIS, as well as review M1010 and M1016
  • Cover the changes on OASIS items that must influence or interact with coding:
    • Surgical wounds
    • Stasis ulcers
    • Pressure ulcers
    • Depression screening
    • Falls risk assessment
    • Cardiac and Respiratory sections
    • Intervention synopsis

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