Face to Face Answers, 2017

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Early results from CMS' probe and education review reveled MACs denial rates as high as 97%. In general, up to 15% of all claims are denied by intermediaries due to insufficient face-to-face documentation. Avoid auditor scrutiny and prevent revenue loss with Face to Face Answers, 2017

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Face to Face Answers, 2017

CMS’ initial F2F probe and educate review – devastating for home health agencies.

Every agency nationwide received five ADRs. The early results of the probe were extremely troubling for home health agencies — with some MACs announcing denials rates of nearly 90% – with one MAC’s denial rate as high as 97%. This probe was the first true test as to how well agencies are complying with the recent regulatory changes involving face-to-face (F2F) documentation.

Even worse, unsuccessful agencies during the “Probe and Educate” review are subject to another round of the probe and even more claims being reviewed. Unfortunately, many agencies don’t know exactly what CMS and the MACs are looking for in documentation.

Get the information you need to pass auditor scrutiny and prevent revenue loss with Face to Face Answers, 2017. This must-have resource contains:

  • NEW! Tips and strategies for responding to ADRs and for overturning your most difficult denial.
  • NEW! Prepare now for the pre-claim review that is headed your way with strategies for submitting documentation that will pass MAC muster and ensure your claim will get paid.
  • NEW! Sample tools to help audit your claims pre- and post-submission.
  • An analysis of the steps required for agencies to justify patients’ homebound status and skilled care need, to ensure documentation stands up to auditor scrutiny
  • Details about contractor reviews of face-to-face (F2F) documentation to prevent future denials
  • Doctor explanations on what education is needed from agencies
  • Updates about ALJ backlog and various pilot projects designed to lessen the backlog
  • Get the most up-to-date guidance on the ever-changing face-to-face requirement
  • Reduce time and money spent responding to denials and keep the money you’ve earned

It has never been more critical to make sure you are following the most current guidance and leading your physicians to proper documentation with Face to Face Answers, 2017.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If Face to Face Answers, 2017 does not help you educate physicians and your staff on properly documenting home health eligibility, return it within 30 days from receipt for a full refund; no questions asked.