HCS-O Exam Prep Bundle, 2023

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Prepare to take your HCS-O credentialing exam with these two must-have resources, bundled to save you 23%!
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HCS-O Exam Prep Bundle, 2023

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Prepare to take your HCS-O credentialing exam with these two must-have resources:

The Home Care Clinical Specialist – OASIS (HCS-O) Certification Study Guide, 2023, takes you through the competencies necessary to master as you prepare for the HCS-O certification exam. It delivers OASIS assessment tips and sample test questions.

The OASIS-E Trainer, First Edition, provides the assessment and care planning strategies you’ll need to achieve OASIS-E accuracy and quality outcomes. Get tips, strategies and best practices on the new OASIS-E items (A1005-A1250, A2121-A2124, B0200-B1300, J0510-J0530, K0520, N0415, O0110), including assessment strategies, definitions necessary for correct answers, training scenarios, key points from the OASIS guidance manual, and strategies for creating an effective care plan.

You’ll also get a deep dive into the new cognitive and behavioral health items (C0100-C1310, D0150-D0700), including and introduction into the BIMS and CAM© (Confusion Assessment Method) tools, how to effectively and efficiently implement the tools, how to interpret the results and translate them into an appropriate care plan.

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